Duqu Mystery Finally Solved By Researcher at Kaspersky Lab

Duqu Mystery Finally Solved By Researcher at Kaspersky Lab

After so many drama finally the deep mystery of DUQU solved. Researcher at kaspersky lab has found out that this dangerous stuxnet was written by custom object oriented C called “OO C”. The mystery began earlier this month, when Kaspersky researchers struggled to determine what programming language had been used to develop the Duqu. So the researchers have taken the help of programming community to find out the truth. They got a wild feed back, 200 comments and 60+ e-mail messages with suggestions about possible languages and frameworks that could have been used for generating the Duqu Framework code. 
Let us review the most popular suggestions:-
  • Variants of LISP
  • Forth
  • Erlang
  • Google Go
  • Delphi
  • OO C
  • Old compilers for C++ and other languages
There are two main possibilities. The code was either written using a custom OO C framework, or it was entirely written in OO C manually, without any language extensions.No matter which of these two variants is true, the implications are impressive. The Payload DLL contains 95 Kbytes of event-driven code written with OO C, a language that has no automatic memory management or safe pointers was pointed out by Kaspersky’s Igor Soumenkov.“This kind of programming is more commonly found in complex ‘civil’ software projects, rather than contemporary malware. Additionally, the whole event-driven architecture must have been developed as a part of the Duqu code or its OOC extension.” said Mr Igor
This made an assumption that the developers are old school and don’t trust C++. That’s why they relied on C. Another reason for using OO C is because back in the good old days it was more portable than C++. Duqu was created by a professional team that wrote the framework based on old code. To know the full story click here.


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