Anonymous Member John Anthony Borell Charged For Hacking into Utah Police & Salt Lake City Police Dept

Anonymous Member John Anthony Borell Charged For Hacking into Utah Police & Salt Lake City Police Dept

FBI successfully tracked the #OpPiggyBank of Anonymous where two hackers from Anonymous named CabinCr3w & ItsKahuna took responsibility of hacking into the database of the Salt Lake City PD and exposed confidential information such as Full name of the Employ, Address, Phone Number, email-id, password hash and so on. According to a report of Huffington Post - An Ohio man linked to the hacker collective "Anonymous" pleaded not guilty Monday to charges of breaching the websites of the Utah Chiefs of Police Association and the Salt Lake City Police Department. John Anthony Borell III took credit for the attacks on Twitter, said FBI officials, who subpoenaed the direct messages the suspect traded with Salt Lake City reporters. The FBI traced Borell's Twitter account to a workplace computer.
"That didn't hurt the investigation, of course, when people make comments like that," FBI agent David Johnson said Monday. Borell appeared with a public defender at federal court in Salt Lake City after being released from a halfway house for the appearance. He faces 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine if convicted on two counts of computer intrusion, prosecutors said. FBI agents say they don't know what motivated an Ohio man to tamper with the Utah police websites in January. Prosecutors say Borell intruded on the chiefs' website server Jan. 19, then broke into the police department's website Jan. 31. Salt Lake City police spent $33,000 to repair damage to their website and shore up security, and the hacker was able to access citizen's supposedly confidential crime tips and even some personal information on police officers, Johnson said. Borell was recently arrested after Federal Bureau of Investigations agents found him using Twitter and Internet Relay Chat logs. The investigation was spurred by two tips sent in to and that stated Borell was a member of hacking collective Anonymous. It also provided a number of pseudonyms he was associated with including Kahuna, TehTiger, and anonJB.
The indictment states that Borell used the SQL Injection technique to access and take down the websites and (Salt Lake City Police Department). The FBI found Twitter direct messages and tweets in which Borell admitted to taking down the websites. Further proof of his identity was found when the FBI looked through chat logs in IRC. There, Borell explained that his father was an attorney and was advising him against talking to the FBI. Agents searched Ohio-based attorneys and found two local attorneys named “John Anthony Borell Esq.”
We would also like to give you reminder that another member of Anonymous affiliated CabinCr3w named Higinio O. Ochoa III, also get busted after he posted girlfriend's breast photo.


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