Cyber-Crime Such As Credit Card & Bank Fraud Growing up In Turkey

Cyber-Crime Such As Credit Card & Bank Fraud Growing up In Turkey

The rise of cyber-crime is kissing the sky, there is no boundary or as such no limitation. Not only US and UK, in every sphere of the world is filled up with cyber criminals. Recently we have reported that three out of four business crimes in Turkey are conducted online. "The internet means freedom, but ignoring security on this issue is out of the question," said Transportation Minister Yildirim.
Credit card and bank fraud are by far the most common Internet crimes in Turkey, according to the cyber crimes unit of the National Police Department. Officials from the cyber crimes unit said during a presentation on Friday to the parliamentary commission on the Internet, led by Justice and Development Party (AK Party) deputy Necdet Ünüvar, that 1,132 incidents of credit card and bank fraud occurred during 2010 and 1,005 individuals have been identified as the suspected perpetrators. Attacks on information systems became the second most common online crime in the same year, with 975 cases reported to police and 1,351 suspects identified. Online bank swindling was the third most common crimes, with 151 cases, according to the police presentation.
Reported Internet crimes totaled 2,357 in 2010 and 2,905 suspects have been identified in the investigations of these crimes. In 2009, a total of 2,871 incidents were reported to the police and 4,670 suspects were identified. Police officials noted that the estimated figures are much higher, but a remarkable number of cases are not reported to police.
"In Turkey, 55 million people are using the internet," Tayfun Acarer, head of Turkey's Telecommunications Authority, told SES Türkiye. Online crimes in Turkey are sanctioned by Law No. 5651 on Regulating Broadcasting on the Internet and Fighting Crimes Committed through Internet Broadcasting. This law, however, does not specifically target online business crimes. The much debated internet filtering system or "safe internet", which kicked off in late 2011, protects against possible hacker and other illegal intrusions in online trading.


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