NVIDIA Hacker "Team Apollo" Publishes The Stolen User Credentials

NVIDIA Hacker "Team Apollo" Publishes The Stolen User Credentials 

Few days ago NVIDIA confirms that hackers have broken into their forum and stolen the user database. That cyber attack infected more than 400,000 registered users of NVIDIA. Immediately after the breach NVIDIA has temporarily shutdown its online developer forum but now it seems that the condition is going bad to worse for the giant of visual computing technology firm as the hackers have made the user's data available. The hacker group calling themselves "Team Apollo" took responsibility of that cyber attack. As proof, they have openly published user name, email addresses and password hashes for approximately 800 users from the database on Pastebin. In their statement NVIDIA gave assurance while saying that 'did not store any passwords in clear text'. But as per the sources several hashes have already been broken and the passwords made available in plain text. In their note the hackers have also vows to leak the rest of other stolen credentials in 'later stage'. So now its very clear that why NVIDIA has sent their forum offline. What ever today another very interesting thing get unveiled and that is the hackers have also claimed that they have access on NVIDIA's online store which was broken during the hack of the forum, though NVIDIA completely denied this.
In their release the hacker group have mentioned a reason of this hack and that is to bring "justice". In their statement Team Apollo said - "target disgusting corporations who deserve to be brought to justice" although they have not specified which corporations are being targeted or what form this "justice" will take. Now we have to wait and see what NVIDIA will do as countermeasure & further steps. Stay tuned with VOGH for all the latest cyber-security related news.


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