Metasploit Pro (Community Edition of Metasploit)

US security company Rapid7 has announced the launch of a Community Edition of the popular Metasploit exploit framework. According to Rapid7 Chief Security Officer and Metasploit Creator HD Moore, "The best way to tackle the increasing information security challenge is to share knowledge between practitioners, open source projects and commercial vendors."
The Community Edition is free for personal and professional use, combining the open source version of the framework with several of the features found in Metasploit Pro, to provide "an entry-level response to the evolving threat landscape". It includes "a basic version" of the commercial graphical user interface which is aimed at making it easier for users to get started with vulnerability verification and security assessments.
According to Rapid 7:-
Metasploit Pro helps enterprise defenders prevent data breaches by efficiently prioritizing vulnerabilities, verifying controls and mitigation strategies, and conducting real-world, collaborative, broad-scope penetration tests to improve your security risk intelligence.
Prevent data breaches:-
Metasploit Pro helps you improve your enterprise vulnerability management program and test how well your perimeter holds up against real world attacks:

  • Identify critical vulnerabilities that could lead to a data breach so you know what to patch first
  • Reduce the effort required for penetration testing, enabling you to test more systems more frequently
  • Discover weak trust models caused by shared credentials that are vulnerable to brute forcing and harvesting
  • Locate exposed, sensitive information with automated post-exploitation file system searches

Prioritize Vulnerabilities:-
Metasploit Pro makes your security and operations team more efficient because it helps you prioritize the vulnerabilities reported by your vulnerability scanner:

  • Import vulnerability management reports from more than a dozen third-party applications and verify their findings to eliminate false positives
  • Integrate with your in-house Nexpose infrastructure to kick off new scans and access real-time vulnerability findings (requires Nexpose)
  • Focus on remediating critical vulnerabilities to reduce exposure and reduce mitigation costs
  • Prove exploitability to application owners to expedite remediation

Verify controls and mitigation efforts:-
Metasploit Pro helps you verify that your remediation effort, such as a patch, new firewall rule or IPS configuration, actually stops the vulnerability from being exploited.

  • Re-run exploits after mitigation to verify its effectiveness in preventing a data breach
  • Enable the IT operations team or your client to verify whether controls and mitigations were successful by handing them a replay script that re-traces the steps you took to exploit the vulnerability
  • Draw on the Nexpose vulnerability database to read up on ways to remediate vulnerabilities (requires Nexpose)
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-News Source (Rapid 7)


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