Ransomware Found on Hacked GoDaddy Sites, Infecting Thousand of Users

Ransomware Found on Hacked GoDaddy Sites, Infecting Thousand of Users 

Users who have their websites hosted by GoDaddy again fallen victim of cyber attack. Researcher at ShopsLabs reported that cyber criminals have managed to hack the DNS records of GoDaddy hosted websites and thus they infected a large number of GoDaddy users with ransomwareFraser Howard, a Principal Virus Researcher of SophosLabs stated that the hackers behind these attacks are “exploiting DNS by hacking the DNS records of sites, adding one or more additional subdomains with corresponding DNS entries (A records) referencing malicious IP addresses. The legitimate hostname resolves to the legitimate IP address, but the added sub-domains resolve to rogue servers.” By doing so, the criminals are able to set-up URLs that seem legitimate, potentially sneaking through security filtering systems and duping Internet surfers into believing they are harmless, he explained in a Friday blog entry. In some instances, multiple subdomains were added to each user’s account, with each of them redirecting viewers to at least one malicious IP address.  
Go Daddy customers who wish to check they have not been affected by these attacks should check their DNS configuration according to the Go Daddy support page. 

As soon as the attack has been spotted in the wild, GoDaddy released a statement included below :-

"Go Daddy has detected a very small number of accounts have malicious DNS entries placed on their domain names. We have been identifying affected customers and reversing the malicious entries as we find them. Also, we're expiring the passwords of affected customers so the threat actors cannot continue to use the accounts to spread malware.
We suspect that the affected customers have been phished or their home machines have been affected by Cool Exploit as we have confirmed that this is not a vulnerability in the My Account or DNS management systems.
Go Daddy highly recommends that US- and Canada-based customers enable 2-Step Authentication to help protect their accounts. Details on how to set up this feature are located at http://support.godaddy.com/help/article/7502/enabling-twostep-authentication.
If a customer suspects their account may have an issue, we encourage them to contact Go Daddy Customer Care or fill out the form at the following link: https://support.godaddy.com/support/?section=support. "

While talking about GoDaddy and cyber attack, then we would like to remind you that, this may not have been the first hacking attempt against Go Daddy this fall. Couple of months ago, a hacker from Anonymous claimed to have taken down the domain registry and web hosting company. However, one day after the attack, Go Daddy denied they had been targeted by cyber criminals. Last year in September several GoDaddy sites were compromised, there also the reason was a malware


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