Internet Explorer 10 Will Support Do Not Track (DNT) By Default in Windows 8

Internet Explorer 10 Will Support Do Not Track (DNT) By Default in Windows 8

Browser war continues and as a result here come another twist, that is in its recent Windows 8, I mean on Release Preview software giant Microsoft has announced that Internet Explorer 10 will have “Do Not Track” (DNT) on by default. IE 10 will be the first web browser with a Do Not Track feature that's on by default. In their official blog release MS said Consumers can change this setting, but the default will be to send the DNT signal to websites that consumers visit. 
According to Microsoft's Chief Privacy Officer Brendon Lynch - "We've made today’s decision because we believe in putting people first. We believe that consumers should have more control over how information about their online behavior is tracked, shared and used. Consumers should be empowered to make an informed choice and, for these reasons, we believe that for IE10 in Windows 8, a privacy-by-default state for online behavioral advertising is the right approach..." Later he added "We are engaged with the W3C, as we are with many international standards bodies. While we respect the W3C's perspective, we believe that a standard should support a privacy by default choice for consumers"
The company also pointed to minutes from the W3C group working on the draft specs, in which the group's co-chairwoman said: "It will be quite a while before we have a final recommendation with which to comply or not. 
"Do Not Track" is a tool that allows browser users to restrict advertisers from collecting information about their online Web activities. It has the backing of the U.S. Federal Trade Commission. Browsers with "Do Not Track" turned on don't block cookies but send a message to advertisers that the user does not want to be tracked. Companies voluntarily decide whether to comply with "Do Not Track," much as they currently decide whether to comply with the "Do Not Call" registry. Microsoft's announcement that it would turn on "Do Not Track" by default in IE10 angered advertisers. "The Digital Advertising Alliance, a coalition that counts Microsoft as a member, said that the decision ran counter to the industry's agreement with the White House announced earlier this year to honor 'do not track' as long as it is not a default setting," many international standards bodies.


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