Skype Shop & National Geographic Germany (Nat Geo) Vulnerable to XSS

Skype Shop & National Geographic Germany (Nat Geo) Vulnerable to XSS -Said Dr41DeY
Couple of weeks ago, I have talked about the vulnerability of Cartoon Network official website, today I am going to speak about two more big fish who are posing serious security holes in their official websites. Lets not waste time while stretching the preface and come directly to the story -it's the hacker who has recently made his name for some big hacks, has back again. 
Many of you are right, I am talking about 'Dr41DeY' because he is the guy who found vulnerability in the official website of Skype Shop and National Geographic Channel Germany (Nat Geo). Both Nat Geo and Skype have non persistent cross site scripting vulnerability also known as XSS vulnerability in their website. We have already informed this issue to concerning authority and webmaster to avoid misfortune. As expected, while writing this Skype have taken this issue seriously and fixed their loopholes immediately. Still for proof- above I have shared the screenshots with our readers, as evidence of the XSS hole. But unlike Skype Shop, Nat Geo yet not responded, so the vulnerability still exist on their portal. Hopefully they will take appropriate steps with out doing more delay. For updates in this story and also other hot cyber issues, just stay tuned with VOGH.  Before concluding, I would like to remind you that- in 2012 an Indian hacker named Akshay has found XSS holes in the official website of National Geographic. Again after a year, Dr41DeY found another Nat GEO site vulnerable to XSS, that definitely arises a doubt about the security concern of one of the world's leading satellite television channel featuring documentaries with factual content involving nature, science, culture, and history, plus some reality and pseudo-scientific entertainment programming. 


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