Taith North Wales Transport & Travel Planning of UK Govt Hacked By Pakistani Hacker

Taith North Wales Transport & Travel Planning (Govt of UK), Few Other High Profile Websites Hacked By 'KHAN' (Pakistani Hacker)
A hacker from Pakistan going by the nick name of 'KHAN' has targeted a several high valued website of United Kingdom. The cyber attack happened few days ago where 'Khan' has hacked into the websites of Taith North Wales Transport and Travel Planning of UK Government. Taith is a joint committee of six county authorities from North Wales that handles transport and travel planning.
Sources revealed that the hacker belongs from Italy has managed to gain access into one the server of UK govt, and thus he successfully hack and change the index page with customized message saying- "today i am again with same message uk goverment deciding Ban Hijab for muslim womens what the hell is this! when your womens wear underware and come out of home beaches, road, you said this is freedom ? this is no problem ? but when our ladies , sisters , mothers wear hijab you said this is problem . so you call this justice ? i will fight for our right like a legend till i die .. We Want Freedom For Our Religion. You can kill us but cant kill our idea!" The hacker also claimed that not only defacement, but also he managed to breach the database of  the website. As soon as the security breach get spotted the authorities of Taith North Wales Transport Dept, took immediate steps and restored the site. While the time of writing this news, Taith Transportation portal has come back to online to its normal format. Also in his deface page 'Khan' took the responsibility of intrusion against Customs of Russia' official website. This slew of hacking rampage also affected several other high profile website of UK such as Hotel Black Boy Inn, Buckley Industry, Groes News, Spirit Models, Livetech, ByteBack Training & few more.


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