Apple releases anti-virus update for infected 120,000 Mac users

Apple has finally come clean and admitted that its software can be turned over by a virus.
The malware has been confusing Mac users for more than a week because it is a central belief in the dogma of Apple that only Windows users suffer from malware and get recruited into botnets.  We guess some of them must believe that they accidently downloaded Windows and became instantly infected as Steve said they would.
Matters have been made worse because Apple instructed its customer care teams to fudge the problem if customers rang them up.  The Tame Apple Press has also been in full swing trying to downplay the matter.  Apple fanboys have been targeting hacks who write about it, claiming that it was software that people were tricked into downloading, it was not malware, which shows how ignorant Apple followers are when it comes to security matters,
The Malware, MacProtector and MacSecurity, warns a victim that his or her computer is infected and goes through a complex installation process. It spends most of its life trying to snuffle for credit card information.
Zdnet  believes that more than 120,000 of Apple's US followers have been infected by a credit card stealing virus and dubbed Apple's approach to the problem as Orwellian.
Now Apple has said that it will deal with the malware using a Mac OS X software update that will automatically find and remove Mac Defender malware and its known variants.
The update will also help protect users by providing an explicit warning if they download this malware.
Jobs' Mob have posted instructions on how to avoid installing the Mac Defender malware as well as how to remove it from an affected computer.
Given the success of the malware it would appear that Apple followers are a soft touch. The malware plague was caused by enough of them downloading the bogus software and not being aware that there was something wrong.
For years security experts have been worried that the lack of security on Apple machines would eventually result in hackers trying to turn it over. While Windows 7 has had years of security proofing, under stress, Apple has not focused on this problem and its much needed onboard security scanner only finds one bit of malware,


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