Be aware of SMS fraud

Did you receive an sms on your mobile phone recently that said: "Dear Customer, Please ignore any email or SMS demanding money or claiming that you have won a lottery. These are from fraudsters. Cyber Crime Police, Blore."?
Well, take note because this one is a serious message to warn you about the latest way of trapping people in Nigerian Lottery Fraud.
The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) sleuths are sending SMSes to people on their mobile phones to alert them about the dangers of falling prey to such SMSes.
The service commenced on Monday across the state.
There have been increasing number of cases in which people are being duped by emails and SMSes, claiming that they have won a lottery or they have been chosen as beneficiary to some one's property. This promoted the CID's cyber crime sleuths to think of reaching out to the public through SMSes.
The CID officials recently held talks with mobile phone service providers to send SMS alerts to its customers asking them to ignore fraudulent emails and SMSes.
As a result, mobile phone users are receiving alert SMSes from their service providers.
Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIGP), Economic Offences, CID, S Murugan, said they decided to reach out to the people through mobile as they were more inclined towards it and even the fraudsters cheated them through SMS.
"As part of awareness campaign, we have launched SMS alert service. In the coming days, the campaign will be extended," he said.
He also admitted that there was a rise in the number of people being cheated through such emails and SMS. "The fraudsters have been sending such SMS and emails in bulk to large number of people. So, there are chances of innocent people being cheated by this and such cases are being reported in Cyber Crime police station. To avert such cases, we have taken several initiatives," he said.
An officer with the CID said they have plans to extend the awareness campaign to television advertisements. "In a bid to reach out to the people, we are thinking of airing advertisements on TV channels. However, the plan is at a preliminary stage," he said.
Recent Incident
The CCB sleuths arrested Charles Micheal Dumbiri and Oni Uloovabu Kola, both Nigerian nationals, for duping people by sending emails saying they won London Lotteries. They attempted to dupe a person by luring him to give huge money by investing in real estate in his name.
Investigations revealed that the accused were staying in the city without passport, visa and other documents for a very long time.


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