BitBox Provides Security with Firefox 4

Browser security is often a hot topic on the web, with some users resulting to popular add-ons like NoScript or AdBlockPlus; or even more drastic measures like Sandboxing the browser. With a new contender to the market, German company Sirrix AG brings a new method of sandboxing your browser which hides it inside a VM Box 4.4 install of Debian Linux and lets you use Firefox 4 as your online browser of choice. While it's currently limited to just Firefox, it's currently one of the most secure solutions on the market for those of us looking for absolute security. Most importantly, in my eyes at least, this software comes free of charge to the end users. Though you can choose a Enterprise solution, which you then pay for the support given to the users. 
Security is an oft-debated topic in the ongoing browser wars, but there's no denying that malware is a common problem for all of the leading contenders. A new solution launched this week by German Sirrix AG, however, uses Firefox 4, Linux and virtualization to create what it calls a "browser in a box" that keeps all malware isolated and out of the user's main operating system.


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