Cyber criminals, beware!!!

Digital forensic examiners will now be able to extract evidence from the computer of cyber criminals and preserve it to be provided to law enforcement authorities.

Ajman Medical District, in coordination with Drug Control and Registration Department, invited experts from the US Seattle-based Cyber Security Institute to provide training in digital forensics aimed at combating Cybercrime cases in the country.
Steve Hailey, President/CEO of the Cyber Security Institute (CSI) and Digital Forensic Examiner and Educator said the five-day training course which concluded on Thursday, trained members of several law enforcement agencies as well as employees of the Ajman Medical District on every aspect a competent forensic examiner needs to know in order to properly acquire, interpret and report findings related to digital evidence to be provided to court, police and attorneys.
The trainees were, at the end of the course certified as forensic digital examiners to provide evidence analysis on various cases of cyber crimes and also be witnesses in courts. They were introduced to concepts and techniques every computer forensics practitioner must master. CSI had earlier delivered the same course to IT professionals, the Department of Defense, law enforcement in the United States and the UAE, as well as the Ministry of Justice in the UAE.
The course attendees will receive five college credits from Edmonds Community College in Washington State, USA, for successfully completing the course. Edmonds Community College is recognised for providing cutting-edge training programmes for information security, digital forensics, and data recovery.
Hamad Al Shamsi, Director of Ajman medical district said that digital forensics capability is now essential within any organisation to combat fraudulent, illegal, and prohibited computer activity. This modern threat environment includes high risk for privacy invasion, financial crimes and identity theft. This environment dictates a need for legal, regulatory, and best practice requirements to preserve evidence and assure evidence is admissible in a court of law.
“Professionals from defence and intelligence agencies, law enforcement and corporations take our training because our hands-on case based instruction emphasises analytical problem solving skills and the practical knowledge required to process a case involving digital evidence from start to finish,” said Mike Andrew, CSI President of Training and Education.
“The Internet and its communications capability is the nervous system of any nation’s critical infrastructures, and is therefore extremely critical in maintaining economic productivity,” said Akram Ali, CSI Vice President of Global Business Relations. “Because of the economic importance that is associated with the Internet and its communications capabilities, criminals and sometimes a company’s own employees are looking for ways to exploit it for their own financial gain or to commit fraud. The use of technology to facilitate the commission 


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