Exclusive Interview of Ankit Oberoi Managing Director Innobuzz

Exclusive Interview of Mr. Ankit Oberoi, Co- Founder and Managing Director of Innobuzz Knowledge Solution with Voice Of GREYHAT

VOGH: 1st of all thank you very much for giving us time

Innobuzz: Your most welcome

VOGH: I am aware of that you are a very busy person so I do apologize for taking your time

Innobuzz: Not an issue at all

VOGH: I am aware of that Innobuzz is one of the leading ethical hacking training institute of India so how do you feel as being the director of Innobuzz?

Innobuzz: It is a pleasure to serve the company which I co-founded along with Mr. Atul Agarwal back in 2007.
I have learned a lot during this journey and I am happy to see the success this venture has shown

VOGH: okay
Sir Please share your views on the hacking and security filed

Innobuzz: Information Security and Ethical Hacking is still a niche Technology and has a long way to go. As we know that Internet penetration in Indian and other developing countries is low, I feel that this will rise considerably in the next few years and as the usage increases, so will the misuse. Demand for Ethical Hackers will rise here along with the requirement for services and products related to Information Security.

VOGH: I must have to admire your thoughts
sir kindly tell us what do u think of modern days hacker?

Innobuzz: Hackers today are much smarter and in a much large number today, as compared to a few years ago. There is no formal Statistics for what I am citing, but I feel the average technical knowledge among hacker is only going up and mostly young people which are even less than 15 years of age are contributing to the List. Besides this, Security is a cat and mouse race, so it is obvious that the future will have much smarter hackers and security professional alike. Only way to survive, is to keep yourself updated.

VOGH: I got information form your site that Innobuzz has sucessfully tarined more than 5500 CISE(ethical hackers), My question is can hacking be ethical?

Innobuzz: Of Course, the term Hacker originally referred to people who love Technology and who would explore it by going a step forward. Similarly, Ethical Hacking refers to the usage of same techniques which the Black Hats do, but at the end of the day, the holes are fixed, thereby helping the security of a system, instead of damaging it.

VOGH: U have a huge experience on this filed what is ur suggestion to our readers that how they can prepare themselves in this particular field?

Innobuzz: Get as much knowledge and experience as you can. The more you get, the less you will feel it is. Information Security & Ethical Hacking is one such field where the only thing which can take you forward is passion. I am representing a Training Company, but I will still say that our Training on Ethical Hacking will be of no use unless the student has interest, passion and the zeal to learn it!

VOGH: my next question who is your favourite hacker?

Innobuzz: Renowned and famous - Kevin Mitnick. I have read his books, and the kind of intellect this man posses is commendable.

VOGH: there are lots of other companies who are giving the ethical hacking training, so why Innobuzz?

Innobuzz: To provide a unbiased reply, I will leave for the readers to decide themselves :) Just do your search and talk to the Alumni of all the options you have, before taking a decision. Make sure you don't select a unprofessional company just to save a few bucks., after all, it is your career!

VOGH: U have gained a huge reputation over the industry, but While gaining that what seems to be the biggest trouble you ave ever faced?

Innobuzz: In order to build reputation, one must do what is ethically correct and be righteous. At times, we have made losses to make sure whatever we do is ethically correct.

VOGH: Tell me some person whom u want to thank for ur achievements. Is there any one with out whom this will never happen?

Innobuzz: There are a lot of people without whom this would have been not possible. This list includes our employees who work day-night to make it happen and our competitors who left the gap in the system, which we found and grew.

VOGH: what is your view about voice of greyhat?
also please give some suggestion by which we can make VOGH more successful?

Innobuzz: It is a great site and sites like this which promote information security are the future.
I am sure VOGH can partner with various sites and companies, online + offline, arrange contests, get guest writers to achieve more fame.

VOGH: thanks for your comment about us
what are the upcoming event of innobuzz?

Innobuzz: Your welcome, Innobuzz has gone global and we are soon expanding into many more countries!

VOGH: hope not only hope we do believe that you will break all the records and kiss the sky of success

Innobuzz: Thank you


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