Microsoft supports PPP model to generate awareness about cyber attacks

The social networking community, which has seen a skyrocketing growth in recent times, has promoted technology giant Microsoft to support a public-private partnership (PPP)-based model for creating awareness among people in India about cyber attacks.

A recent Security Intelligence Report from Microsoft, which highlighted cyber attacks and the trend of attacks revealed phishing attack through social networks increased from a low of 8.3 per cent of all phishing in January to a high of 84.5 per cent in December 2010. Microsoft releases this report every six months.

The report, which took into account the six-month period from June to December 30, 2010, indicates that in India, the most common category of cyber attacks was worms, which affected 42.5 per cent of all infected computers, down from 45.4 per cent in the last quarter.

The second-most common category in India was Miscellaneous Trojans, which affected 33.9 per cent of all infected computers, down from 34.5 per cent last quarter.

The third most common category in India was Miscellaneous Potentially Unwanted Software, which affected 33.7 per cent of all infected computers, up from 31.9 per cent in the last quarter.

Microsoft further opined the Indian government should come out with a PPP model, which includes government, private organizations and NGOs to make people more aware of the cyber attacks and increase the level of security.

With the increasing online presence of consumers and devices, it becomes easy for hackers to take charge with many intrusion methods such as adware, phishing and rogue security software. To prevent such inadvertent practices, greater collaboration across the security industry is required.

Through collective efforts – such as the sharing of threat intelligence and guidance, software providers making advancements in security protections and customers keeping their systems up to date, will surely help in minimizing cyber crime while delivering a more safer and reliable computing experience.

Although cyber-security awareness among the people in India is on the rise, there is ample scope to expand awareness, which is only possible through the PPP model.


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