New enterprise security solutions for Sophos

IT security and data protection company Sophos has announced several new products on its enterprise security line-up, including a new light-weight mobile security platform designed for use on a wide range of mobile communication devices. Sophos Mobile Control provides protection on devices including Apple iPhones, iPads and Google Android and Windows Mobile devices. The system is designed to allow IT administrators to secure, monitor, and control configurations for smartphones running Apple iOS, Google Android and Windows Mobile operating systems. Sophos Mobile Control features a web-based console which allows IT administrators to centrally configure security settings, enable lockdown of unwanted features; and remote over-the-air lock or wipe if a device is lost or stolen. The web-based console is also designed to allow a constant monitoring of mobile devices to ensure consistent security policy enforcement, strong password policies and lock periods and ensure the control and installation of applications. The console also allows users to block the use of cameras, browsers, and sites such as YouTube. The service allows users to register new devices, lock or wipe devices on a self-service portal. It also controls access to corporate email via a secure gate allowing only properly secured and registered devices to access email. "Today, iPads, smartphones, and laptops are everywhere and connected to the web at all times. Mobile technology has allowed today's workforce to be far more productive but it has also opened up a new can of worms for IT teams as they must ensure that the data on those devices - especially the non-company-issues ones - are encrypted at all times no matter where the end user is. Sophos Mobile Control quickly and efficiently protects data on all iOS and Android mobile devices, giving those IT departments' peace of mind that their end users' devices are fully protected," said Matthias Pankert, head of Data Protection Product Management, Sophos. The second enterprise security product now available from Sophos is Sophos SafeGuard Enterprise 5.60, which provides encryption and data loss prevention (DLP) for desktops, laptops and removable media. SafeGuard is now designed to comprehensively manage all encryption options that fully support hardware drives, including Opal, software-based encryption, and hardware encrypted USB. It is also designed to manage enhancements to the latest versions of Sophos Endpoint Security and Data Protection. The new SafeGuard system is designed to provide up to 30 percent higher read/write throughput on solid state drives compared to the previous version. The software also reduces performance overhead with multiple central processing unit (CPU) processors running in parallel to minimise performance overhead of encryption and decryption, according to Sophos. It also includes active directory synchronisation; automatic event log; deletion; and enables scheduling of custom scripts for reoccurring tasks. "The explosion of smartphones and tablets, and especially the applications for these mobile devices, has pushed the presence of our corporate data even further out of the corporate data center.  The ability to protect our clients by maintaining security controls around this data is critical for businesses, especially financial services companies," said Pat Patterson, Information Security architect from Raymond James. The third software announcement from Sophos is the Sophos Endpoint Security and Data Protection 9.7 (Sophos ESDP), which id designed to deliver advanced labs intelligence via a single agent that enhances protection against zero-day and web-based threats along with real-time feedback to security and application policy settings via the cloud using Sophos Live Protection technologies. According to Sophos, the latest upgrade to Sophos ESDP (9.7) also includes encryption, data loss prevention, network access control, device control, application control, management, and reporting. The software is also designed to provide location-aware intelligent updating for mobile workers and extended tamper protection to help stop users from turning off key Sophos protection features, including anti-virus protection, updates, and client firewall. Sophes EDSP will also minimise computer CPU and disk I/O usage during while optimising  performance when users are active or away, according to the company. "IT organisations are facing unprecedented challenges securing their users, corporate data and infrastructure on consumer, mobile and cloud devices and platforms they do not own or control. It is incumbent upon security vendors to adapt and provide solutions that provide a full arsenal of protection against security threats and data loss, yet flexible and lightweight to protect users on any device, in any location," said Arabella Hallawell, vice president of Corporate Strategy, Sophos.


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