Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.1 is giving Some Cool Features


Upgrades include a technology preview of Enterprise Identity (IPA) services, based on the open-source FreeIPA project. 

Open-source solutions specialist Red Hat announced the general availability of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.1, the first update to the platform since the delivery of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 in November 2010. Linux 6.1 enhancements provide customers with improvements in system reliability, scalability and performance, coupled with support for upcoming system hardware.

Enterprise Linux 6.1 also delivers patches and security updates, while maintaining application compatibility and OEM/ISV certifications.
In addition to performance improvements, Enterprise Linux 6.1 provides technology updates, including additional configuration options for advanced storage configurations with improvements in FCoE; Datacenter Bridging and iSCSI offload; enhancements in virtualization, file systems, scheduler, resource management and high availability; and technologies that enable smoother enterprise deployments and tighter integration with heterogeneous systems.
Other upgrades include a technology preview of Red Hat Enterprise Identity (IPA) services, based on the open-source FreeIPA project; support for automatic failover for virtual machines and applications using the Red Hat High Availability Add-On; integrated developer tools that provide the ability to write, debug, profile and deploy applications without leaving the graphical environment; and improvements to network traffic processing to leverage multiprocessor servers that are becoming increasingly common.
IT research firm IDC recently conducted a study that evaluated organizations that are heavily standardized on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and compared those organizations with others that had a mixture of Linux distributions in use, and organizations that were heavily penetrated by non-paid Linux distributions. The outcome of the study found that there is demonstrable business benefit associated with having professional support for an operating system, compared with a do-it-yourself approach. Al Gillen, program vice president of system software at IDC, said the real benefits came from lower IT staff costs and reduced end-user downtime.
“Building on our decade-long partnership to optimize Red Hat Enterprise Linux for IBM platforms, our companies have collaborated closely on the development of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.1,” said Jean Staten Healy, director of cross-IBM Linux and open virtualization. “Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.1 combined with IBM hardware capabilities offers our customers expanded flexibility, performance and scalability across their bare metal, virtualized and cloud environments. Our collaboration continues to drive innovation and leading results in the industry.”


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