Android & NVIDIA Forum Hacked, Millions of User Credentials Stolen

Android & NVIDIA Forum Hacked, Millions of User Credentials Stolen 

After the massacre of Formspring & Yahoo! Voice yet again security breach effected NVIDIA & Phandroid Forum. Hackers have gained illegal access and stolen millions username & password hashes from those said forums.
NVIDIA has temporarily shutdown its online developer forum, after it fell victim to cyber criminals who may have gained access to members' hashed passwords. NVIDIA says that it took the site down last week to investigate intrusions into its systems by unauthorised third parties. The intruders reportedly gained access to private user data, including usernames, email addresses, and hashed passwords with random salt values. Data in users' "About Me" profiles, such as age, birthdate, gender and location, was also accessed in the breach; however, this information was already publicly accessible on the site.

In the security notice, NVIDIA said that it is currently "employing additional security measures to minimize the impact of future attacks", adding that it hopes to restore the Forums as soon as possible. Once restored, the company says that it will reset all user passwords and send an email to users with a temporary password and instructions on how to change it

Phandroid, a popular Android news site & online community popular with fans of Android smartphones faced cyber attack. Phandroid has confirmed that its Android Forums was compromised using "a known exploit", and data including usernames, hashed passwords and so forth were accessed. According to Phandroid's notice about the security breach, the user table of Android Forum's database was accessed by unknown intruders. 
The database in question contains a variety of information on forum users, including usernames, email addresses, hashed and salted passwords, registration IP addresses; also other forum-related data, such as last time online and post date as well as post count. Based on current information, the site's community manager says that they cannot confirm if the data was in fact downloaded, adding that they believe the attack was "most likely an e-mail harvesting attempt". Additional steps to further harden server security and "extra 'just in case' actions" have also reportedly been taken.

As per report more than 1 million users of Phandroid forum are potentially affected by the security breach. The site's administrators advise all users to change their passwords as soon as possible through the User Control Panel (UserCP) or by using the "Forgot your password?" function.
We would like to give you reminder that other sites who have been hit by hackers, while stealing information about users in recent weeks include Yahoo Voices, FormspringeHarmony and LinkedIn. There also we have seen the same scenario where hackers have stolen millions of user credentials of those sites. 

 -Source (NVIDIA, Phandroid, The-H)


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