Another Fake Publicity stunt of The Hacker News (THN) get exposed, This time by PCA

Another Fake Publicity stunt of The Hacker News (THN) get exposed, This time by Pakistan cyber Army (PCA). Today THN published that ftp of HP get hacked and their Data Base will be licked also they specific the space of that DB and that was around 9 GB. But the reality is that ftp of HP is not at all hacked. It is a rumor, created to get fake attention.  
Today the Official Authority of PCA inform the VOGH team about this stuff. They also want to expose these hole story in front of the world. 

According to PCA:- 
"...Dear All,

This is PCA yea yea you know us Pakistan Cyber Army with "mission Exposed". Copy Cats are around every where in the world. We have just read a story of "HexCode" hacking into HP ftp. He calim to have GB's of DATA from the HP server. "HexCode" script kiddie so called l33t forgot that the folder he is showing is a "public" folder "/pub" and it is mainly use to download update patches. Go on and just access "" from your ftp client or firefox LOL..... HP Hacked ROFL

Acer ftp was critical because it exposes user information about the "packerd Bell" Users. "HexCode" grow up kiddoz you cant be a hacker realize this reality ROFL. Fake stuff by a kid... and .... Ahhh forget it LOL.... "HexCode" another script kiddie expose by PCA ROFL........ ROFL.......  PCA will keep exposing kids like before.... Grow Up and drink RedBull ROFL..

Thehackernews is posting fake news LOL... "


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