Microsoft Desinged Windows 8 for Touch Screens

Microsoft is releasing their latest version of the Windows software – Windows 8 (or at least that is what it is being called until an official name is chosen). Designed around touch screens, the new operating system is hugely different than Windows systems of the past. On Wednesday Microsoft showed how it would work on both traditional PCs as well as the increasingly popular tablets.
Windows 8 Features:-

Windows 8 is designed to be used easily with or without a keyboard and mouse. It is clearly optimized for small devices like tablets with touch screen capabilities, though should work just as well for desktops and laptops.
Apps will be launched from the Start button – apps that are web-based and will be built for use on both tablet and PC versions. This could give Microsoft a big advantage over other platforms since users currently have to decide between using fun tablet apps and sticking with a PC where programs like Word are available.
Live tiles will be available on the desktop with updating information like a weather app, Facebook and email accounts. The tiles can be customized and expanded to fill the entire screen. And the full touch browser will have Internet Explorer 10 which has yet to be released as well.
One of the most interesting features of the new system is its ability to view two apps at the same time. By swiping in a new app while viewing another, users can snap it into place and there will be two side by side. Currently no other tablet operating system is able to do that.
Microsoft is rumored to have its own store where apps can be downloaded and will be included in the new Windows 8 system. Good news though, existing Windows apps will still work. They won’t be optimized for the touch screen, but a “fuzzy hit targeting” will be used to make them useable with finger taps.
A launch date is being discussed for 2012, but there isn’t anything more specific.


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