New Cyber Security Degree to be offered By LCC

To address this emerging global threat, Laredo Community College will launch a new, two-year degree in Network and Cyber Security Technology in the fall.“Frankly, most law enforcement agencies are ill-equipped to deal with this new era and sophistication of technology crime,” Robert Moore, chair and instructor for LCC’s Computer Technology Department, said.“There’s currently a shortage of computer security specialists, and we’re doing our part to fill this gap.”For several years now, LCC’s CT department has been offering an associate degree in network technology.But, because “the skill sets of the modern day network administrators have expanded, we’re enhancing the curriculum to add cyber security courses to train traditional students and professionals in the industry who want to update their computer networking skills,” Moore added.No similar program is being offered within a 150-mile radius of Laredo. “Every business uses a computer, and every business has a potential to be targeted,” Steven Moncivais, a cyber detective for the Laredo Police Department, said.“A hacker can break into a computer system via cyber space and steal information from thousands of credit cards. Doing this criminal act in this manner provides a blanket of anonymity, and the chances of getting caught are pretty slim.”Hacking, malware, identity theft, and phishing are terms associated with a new wave of technology crimes that can damage a person’s financial history or cripple a company’s network (parallelism).
According to Moncivais, cyber criminals can open a credit card account, or even a loan. We had an incident a few years ago where a local restaurant was targeted from another city via the web and stole hundreds of clients’ credit card information, and another incident where someone purchased a $100,000 home under someone else’s name,” Moncivais added.

“The threat is there, but if a company really wants to protect their customers’ information, they do need someone who is knowledgeable in this field.”
Robert Herrera, Management Information Systems Liaison officer with LPD and one of several committee members for the program, agreed. “There is a huge need for experts like these,” Herrera said.
On a daily basis, Herrera and his team meticulously view surveillance videos or browse through computer hard drives to solve various crimes.


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