Aafia Siddiqui Court Case Leaked, US Government Exposed ByTeaMp0isoN

There is a terrorist Network that stretches the length and breadth of this very ill earth of ours - That Terrorist Network belongs to the Terrorist Empire that is The United States Of America!
In Dr. Afia Siddique, this Terrorist Empire has decided that the very 'small' and 'slight' mother, Dr. Afia Siddique, is a Jihadist! A Threat to their 'peace', a threat to their 'way of life' and lest we forget the incredulous mantra 'a threat to their freedom' - Such was the fear of the Terrorist Empire of Dr Afia Siddique, they decided to do as all criminals against humanity do; they fabricated evidence, planted bogus witnesses, and with the help of the shameful 'free press', they chose to demonize her - demonize her so much that people of conscious did not even ask 'why was it necessary to murder her baby in prison?'

The human tragedy of Dr. Afia Siddique will not be in vain! Justice will be demanded and Justice will prevail! America will pay for its crimes against Dr Afia Siddque and its crimes against humanity!
The Terrorist Empire refuses to listen, educate, and learn from the mistakes of Terrorist Empires of history - in the indomitable words of Malcolm X - 'The Chickens are coming home to roost'
"Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed......“

Americans who read this; it is the epitome of Patriotism to resist the crimes of ones nation - do not let your children pay for the sins of their fathers!

Apparently she fired a rifle at the US nationals & the US Army yet there was no fingerprints found on the rifle, furthermore aafia was the only person on the scene who suffered from bullet wounds when allegedly she was the one holding the gun - the main questions till date are "why was she captured? "why has she been given 85years?" and "why has she been tortured" - all these questions will be answered.

Firstly we need to know why the US Government wanted her and what she knew that made her special, i have compiled a series of screenshots from the official US Court Case related to this case:

- Peace between the taliban and American
- AIDS Vaccine
- Cure for aging
If this idea worked it would have been implemented right across the middle-east and asia especially in Palestine and Pakistan where drone attacks are increasing yet the USA Government stopped this idea from spreading by capturing aafia. 
Now we know of some of the things she was capable of but the next question we must ask ourselves is why would USA stop her from expanding her ideas and studies? her ideas would clearly make the world a better place right?
1. Why would the US Government not want a AIDS vaccine? Because the US Government created AIDS, its all over the internet, google it.
2. Why would the US Government not want peace with the Taliban? The US Government created Taliban, they funded them with money and weapons and trained them them to fight the Soviet Union.
2. Why would Zionist Jews of Israel want to get rid of African Americans and Hispanics living in the US?
Israel is the puppeteer and the US is the puppet, Israel uses USA for security & money, deep down Israel hates everyone and anyone who is not apart of their state, but why would they target African Americans and Hispanics living in america? prisons in America are private businesses, The US Government gets paid 50,000 per year for every inmate in prison, now who are the stereotypical races that represent American prisons? African Americans and Hispanics - therefore if Zionist Jews were to affect African Americans and hispanics in anyway America would be loosing a lot of money.
We know now why she was a threat to the US Government, now i will show you what they done to her to ensure that she wouldn't be able spread her findings & knowledge :
- They tortured her, they raped her, they stripped and put images and videos of her naked on the internet, they tortured her children, they told her she was a psycho and that she was crazy, they used illegal torture methods to obtain information from her, they abused her right to practice religion by breaking her fast/Ramadan. - for what? for outsmarting the suit wearing power hungry faggots of the United States government, for wanting to make the world a better place, for wanting to protect her country and religion from corruption, from wanting to save lives, for wanting to stop diseases and viruses. 

To Download The official Case Click HERE
For More Info About Aafia Click Here

-News Source (ZHC & Team Poison)


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