ANONYMOUS Shuts Down Ministry of Education Website

Hacker Group ANONYMOUS Shuts Down Ministry of Education Website.The Chile’s education  related sites “” “” “” “” “” “” have been shut down. Some, like the Chilean Ministry of Education website have been able to come back online, but are soon shot back down by the hackers.
The “MalEducados” cyber-operation follows several weeks of student protests in Chile, offering them online suppor students protesting for better access to education.  They have been protesting for several months. Anonymous has announced via the facebook profile of “Operation Storm of the South,” a profile that had been used in the past to publish announcements, and call for support. “The “MalEducados” operation is born as a consequence of the absolute ineptitude of the Latin American governments to watch over the fundamental human right to an education and the free access to knowledge,” the organization wrote. “We wish to adhere to the protests of Chilean students for a quality and free education. The Chilean government can’t continue allowing and much less encouraging the profiting from the people’s education.”

-News Source (Hispanically Speaking News)


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