Anonymous Started HackerLeaks

A new website called HackerLeaks, reportedly launched last week by members of hacker-activist collective Anonymous, invites users to submit hacked data for analysis and publication.
Similar to the whistleblower website WikiLeaks, HackerLeaks operatives “receive documents through anonymous submission channel, analyze them, and then distribute them to the press,” Forbes's Andy Greenberg reported on Thursday.
The organization’s official mission statement, available on the HackerLeaks website (here), reads,
“In both security as well as overall strategy, HackerLeaks is closely modeled on WikiLeaks. Our first priority is to provide a safe, secure - and anonymous way for hackers to disclose sensitive information. Our team of analysts first carefully screens each submission for any possible trace of the senders identity. Our second commitment is to ensure that each and every leak receives the maximum exposure possible in order to achieve the most profound political impact for the risks taken by those submitting material. To that end, we work with media outlets all over the world.”
Amidst recent Internet security breaches, independent hackers have been utilizing sites such as Pastebin to release compromised data. HackerLeaks, on the other hand, claims to provide an added incentive, offering “maximum exposure and political impact” as a result of such "leaks".

“We just wanted to make our own offering, compete in the disclosure marketplace and maybe fill a unique role if we can,” says a HackerLeaks representative who spoke to Greenberg over instant message.
As of this writing, there has been one anonymous submission to HackerLeaks –– a leak containing personal information of Orlando officials. Time will tell whether or not more hackers will utilize HackerLeaks in order to publicize the data that they’ve taken.
Anonymous has reportedly launched a "war" against the city of Orlando to voice disapproval over the arrests of non-profit workers who distribute food to the homeless without obtaining permits from the city. The group claimed that it will target "city web assets," and apparently downed the Orlando Florida Guide soon thereafter. 

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