Apple Released Safari 5.1 With lots of New Features

Safari 5.1 is now available to download and introduces full screen mode, new multi-touch gestures, Reading List, and a whole lot more. The download is available via Software Update on your Mac or from Apple’s website, and is compatible with Macs running Snow Leopard 10.6.8 and above, and Windows PCs running XP, Vista or Windows 7. It’s been available to developers for some time, so those of you running the Lion beta before its release may already be familiar with its new features.
The update introduces Reading List, Apple’s Instapaper-like service that allows you to save articles, videos, and links to a list that you can access later. The service will also sync with iOS devices with the introduction of iOS 5 this fall.
Safari 5.1 also packs Safari Reader, which allows you to read websites and articles in a “clean, uncluttered space free from blinking, annoying ads.”
Multi-touch gestures allow you to control Safari by simply swiping, tapping and pinching your Magic Trackpad. Swipe forward and backwards to switch back and forth between pages, and double-tap with two fingers or pinch to zoom in and out.
Full screen web browsing allows you to browse your favourite websites without distractions from other applications
This update contains new features including:

- Reading List: Easily add webpages and links to your Reading List to browse when you have time.
- New Process Architecture: Safari has been re-engineered for improved stability and responsiveness.
- Resume: In the General pane of Safari preferences, you can now choose to launch Safari with the windows from your last browsing session.
- Better Privacy: A new Privacy pane in Safari preferences makes it easy to remove data that websites can leave on your system.

Other improvements include:
  • - Private AutoFill: Safari lets you fill out forms quickly while keeping your personal information private.
  • - Find Option: When you use Find, you can choose whether you want to search for text that contains or starts with the text that you type in the search field.
  • - Drag-and-drop Downloads: You can drag items out of the Downloads window in Safari, so you can easily place downloaded files on the Desktop.
  • - Advanced Web Technologies: Safari introduces support for full-screen webpages, media caching with the HTML5 application cache, MathML, Web Open Font Format, CSS3 Auto-hyphenation, CSS3 Vertical Text, CSS3 Text Emphasis, Window.onError, and Formatted XML files.
  • - New Extension APIs: Developers can take advantage of new Safari Extension support for popovers, menus, new event classes, and interaction with Reader.
Safari 5.1 for Snow Leopard requires Mac OS X 10.6.5 or later.

Apple has also released a minor Safari 5.0.6 update for Mac OS X Leopard, bringing several improvements related to WebSocket web applications, HTML5 annotations, and display of content within frames on sites such as

To download Safari 5.1 Click here


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