Association Of American Feed Control Officials Website Hacked By ZHC

Association Of American Feed Control Officials Website Hacked By ZHC (ZHC MONGOOSE & ZHC TOSHIRO). They Send Message of Peace to US Authorities to stop drone attacks and killings of Muslims!

Hacked Sites:-

Mirror Links:- 
The Message OF the ZHC:-

"...> A Message to all USA net users , website owners and website visitors!

Just Waste 5 minutes of your life and judge urself who should be pointed as guilty....

The insidious evil of Zionism from the standpoint of US lies in inspiring the alliance of US Zionists and Neocons. These political factions have joined in a commitment to maintain a racist Jewish colony in Palestine by means of the brutal oppression and suppression of the natives.

- Wake up American's! The Palestinians; Pakistani's; Muslims in general are not your enemy! Your enemy walks in the corridors of your administration! The ones sending your son's to kill Muslim Children and to be killed - for Israel; for The NWO Globalist agenda; for greed!

- You may be inspired by misguided feelings of guilt and a confused need for atonement - but how much guilt do you wish to pass onto your children as surely every empire weakens and America is weakening - what will they answer when asked ' why did your forefathers kill so many of our children and rape so many of our women' - What atonement will they receive?

- You burn the Holy Quran, You use drones to kill innocent muslims in Pakistan, You cause controversy in the arab lands for oil, You ban the niqab, You kill innocent muslims in palestine, You torture innocent muslims in guantanamo bay, You rape & torture muslim women(aafia siddiqui), yet we are the terrorists. . . . . . . .

- We Will not backoff until you wont stop this war on us we will not Leave hacking your sites and we will not stop exposing you and your realities ...

-Stop killing innocent muslims, we are humans too, islam is a religion of peace, Stop demonising islam,Stop meddling in the affairs of other nation states such as Pakistan. The world does not belong to the USA - The world is fighting back!!

-Every Child has its own aim and every aim is being stopped by cold war by USA or UNO where shall our coming generation go - do we get just one way out which is suicide ? why do our home countries like palestine and kashmir gets conquered for no reason - what did the kids ,womens and olds do to so called UNO where is UNO when we are beaten up to death ?

> We Are ZCompany Hacking Crew [ZHC]: Hawk - Don - Zolo - Sniper - TriCk aka Saywhat? - XtreMiSt - HardHunter - Zology - Tazii - MongoOse - Toshiro - Milan Milo - RoCk - Pak Jaguars - Madni - Chf Code - Hothead - Unknown Hax - BOZZERROR - Zulfi

and every one who supports us >

Here are some Sites and Mirrors ( proves ) which shows our anger towards USA and your Government, which includes The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO)..."


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