AVG Premium Security

AVG Technologies today announced AVG Premium Security, the all-new and only Internet security solution that actively surveys the Web for incidents of stolen identity. Available now for US$69.99, the product includes AVG Identity Alert, AVG Internet Security and AVG Quick Tune.
Placing identity protection at the center of the new offering, AVG Identity Alert scours criminal web pages, chat rooms and bulletin boards to determine whether a customer's personal information has been used, traded or sold online. By monitoring a user's e-mail address and debit and credit card numbers—the three primary elements of an online identity—the system notifies the user if personal details appear somewhere they shouldn't.

AVG Identity Alert also provides an Identity Theft Risk Score, which evaluates online theft risk based on behavioral characteristics, and an Identity Theft Restoration Kit, which provides documentation, sample letters and other tools for restoring an identity should it be compromised.
AVG Premium Security is also comprised of the award-winning AVG Internet Security, which offers signature anti-virus, anti-spyware, AVG Protective Cloud Technology and the AVG Community Protection Network. Finally, AVG Quick Tune contains four of the 16 features available in the company's popular PC Tuneup, including the disk defragmenter, junk file removal, registry cleaner and broken shortcut removal.

“When you combine the shocking security lapses we have seen out of very high profile and respected brands such as Sony, Epsilon and Citigroup in the past few months with the liability shift toward consumers, it is clear that identity theft protection tools are no longer a nice to have,” said J.R Smith, CEO, AVG Technologies. “Banks and corporations are at an important tipping point, showing strong indications that they will no longer simply cover losses, and expecting the online users to share equal responsibility in taking appropriate security measures that ultimately protect each other from malicious attacks.”

In 2010 alone, IC3, the FBI/National White Collar Crime Center partnership, reported more than 300,000 individual complaints of Internet crime. Identity theft was one of the top three complaints, next to non-delivery of payment or merchandise and scams using the FBI's name.
“The key to combating internet crime is real-time intelligence and protection,” Smith added. “Our identity-theft tools offer consumers access to the kind of timely intelligence they need to more effectively monitor and protect their personal information. Credit report-driven tools are much slower and therefore give thieves a massive head start, making clean-up and recovery of identity theft under those circumstances very difficult for the average consumer.”

“To protect our 110 million active customers around the globe, AVG will now extend beyond local Internet security and anti-virus protection to provide customers with a digital bodyguard dedicated to protecting their names and identities online,” said Tony Anscombe, AVG's Ambassador of Free Products. “Even if an identity is compromised outside a user's home network, AVG Premium Security can still discover it. Bottom line: we offer vital peace of mind, virtually eliminating the perils often associated with surfing the Web.”
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