Cyber Security Workshop on IIT Kanpur

Youths should be aware of ways to protect their Internet identity as the threat of breach of privacy is increasing and more and more incidents of breach are being reported, experts from IIT Kanpur said here on Saturday.
The Internet security experts, which included Gaurav Sharma and Tarun Bansal, were addressing students and professionals at a seminar at Bharti Mandapam here.  
"As more and more companies are going online, as more and more data is being stored on the Internet, and netbanking is drawing a rising number of people, the demand of Internet security experts is growing," Gaurav said, adding like in western countries, domestic companies are ready to pay a hefty pay to experts in this field. After recent incidents of Internet data theft from companies and other agencies, both government agencies and private companies are extremely conscious about their online safety, Gaurav added.
"Always have an eye for suspicious activity on your online existence. Most of the time hackers create a duplicate website and as soon as you provide your log in address on it, your site is hacked," said Gaurav. Tarun Bansal, another IIT Kanpur student, warned Internet users against Internet security loopholes.
Organized under the aegis of a web portal,, the workshop witnessed a focused and holistic discussions on various forms of hacking.
"Always sign out from your account after use. If you close down your window without successfully logging out, the web browser stores your login information which could be used by hackers to tamper with your account," Tarun told students. 
"One of the important things to keep in mind is to always delete browsing history whenever you use a public computer because cookies, which form automatically as you open a site, could provide a way to hackers to get to your login information. However, it is not necessary with private computers," Tarun further added.
One more thing to keep in mind is to always check for the right URL before logging in, wrong URLs (like in place of are also dangerous, Tarun informed students.
An IIT-Kanpur student and group coordinator, Girijesh Jha, said: "Students right from class IX to degree students along with many professionals attended the workshop." The experts also took questions from the audience. The workshop will also continue on Sunday

-News Source (TOI)


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