Kids & Teens are at Risk of Online Cyber Crime

It's a crime to post threatening and tormenting posts on someone’s Facebook profile - but few people know it.The Far South Coast command’s youth liaison officers are cracking down on internet crime, and cyber bullying among children and teenagers.
Senior Constable Adrian Seal is the school liaison officer for the Far South Coast and Monaro commands and says parents should closely monitor their child’s profile on social media sites, including Facebook.

“For most parents, they probably don’t really know how many criminal offences there actually are on the internet,” he said.
“And I don’t think kids think about the consequences.”
He said the main internet offences, which can carry penalties of up to 10 years’ jail, include stalking, intimidation and harassment, luring, threatening serious harm, sending offensive material and sexting - which involves sending sexually explicit photographs.
“For a lot of young people sexting, they probably don’t realise it’s a criminal offence,” Snr Const Seal said. “They just think what they’re doing is harmless. But as soon as they hit the send button, they have no control over it. It’s out there, in the public domain.
“For threatening serious harm to someone, all they have to prove is that the third party (or the victim) meant it.”
He said that carries 10 years’ jail.
Internet and social media sites are now a part of everyday life, according to Snr Const Seal, which makes it easier for bullying to occur. Snr Const Seal said writing nasty messages about someone over the internet took away the face-to-face aspect of bullying. “And rumours spread easily on the internet, and it’s harder to track down offenders and know their geographic location.”

He said a lot of it goes unreported. “The problem is a lot of kids are scared to come forward.”
Batemans Bay’s youth liaison officer Senior Constable Gina Hamilton works closely with children in primary schools, and says the vulnerable ages of 10 to 14 were most prone to cyber bullying.

-News Source (Bay Post)


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