Now Japn Govt. Will Help the Victims to Fight Against Hackers

Trade and Industry Ministry in Japan plans to establish a network of dozens of domestic firms and organizations to share information about attacks on their online computer systems, with the aim of improving Cyber security.
On Friday, the ministry announced its plan to organize the network, which will include some specialist online security firms, to analyze methods used by malicious hackers and the damage inflicted by their attacks. The names of companies affected by cyberattacks will not be made public. The ministry aims to launch the system on an experimental basis within this year. The ministry believes the number of cyberattacks targeting certain organizations has been on the rise since around 2006.
Virtually no details of such attacks or resulting damage have been disclosed to authorities, however, due to the affected companies' concerns about potential damage to their public images or stock prices. Cyberattacks against specific organizations or individuals are often launched by sending an email that appears to be from a friend or client of the target but actually contains a computer virus that enables hackers to access data in the target's computer system.
In April, the ministry's study panel on cybersecurity and related economic issues surveyed various companies, including major manufacturers and financial institutions.
Of the 46 companies that responded, 15 said they believed they had been targeted by a cyberattack.
At least three of the companies said confidential information had been stolen by hackers.
Although details of most cyber-attacks are not disclosed to authorities, many of the companies surveyed said they would cooperate if they were sure their involvement in the matter would not be made public.
The ministry hopes the proposed network will lead to companies providing more information about attacks on their computer systems, and enable authorities to improve cybersecurity countermeasures.
The dozens of participants in the scheme will include the Information-Technology Promotion Agency, an independent administrative entity; the Japan Computer Emergency Response Team Coordination Center, an incorporated foundation; and private Internet security firms.
The ministry will compile new measures to counter cyberattacks within this month, taking into account opinions from the general public.


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