Sabayon Linux 6 Core

After the release of Sabayon Linux 6, Fabio Erculiani is proud to announced the immediate availability for download of four Core editions of the Sabayon Linux operating system. Sabayon Linux 6 Core editions are designed for Linux experts and advanced users that want to set up a home server or create their very own operating system, based on Sabayon.
The four newly updated editions of Sabayon Linux 6 are: SpinBase, CoreCDX, ServerBase and OpenVZ. While the SpinBase and ServerBase editions allow users to make Sabayon spins or set up a home server, the CoreCDX edition allows users to easily obtain a minimal graphical environment of Sabayon.

Highlights of Sabayon Linux 6 Core:-
· Linux kernel 2.6.39 optimized for desktop usage;
· Small ISO images that can be booted from CD or USB stick;
· EXT4 filesystem as deafult;
· Support for Btrfs filesystem;
· Ready for Portage and Entropy (allows access to lots of installable apps);
· OpenVZ-enabled, Server-optimized and Vserver-enabled kernels available in the default repositories;
· Entropy Framework 1.0 Alpha 14;
· Easy customizable system after installation (GNOME or KDE SC desktop environments can be installed in no time);
· Fast installation process (guaranteed to take less than 5 minutes).

In order to run the Sabayon Linux Core 6 Edition on your system, make sure that you meet the minimum requirements:

· Intel Pentium Pro, Celeron, AMD K6-2, Pentium II/III or AMD Athlon CPU;
· 128 MB of RAM;
· 2-3 GB of free hard disk space;
· Supported 2D video card;
· a CD reader or USB flash drive.

To Download Sabayon Linux 6, Click HERE


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