Famous Framework Metasploit v4.0.0

The Metasploit Framework is a penetration testing toolkit, exploit development platform, and research tool. The framework includes hundreds of working remote exploits for a variety of platforms. Payloads, encoders, and nop slide generators can be mixed and matched with exploit modules to solve almost any exploit-related task.

New Exploit Modules:

VSFTPD v2.3.4 Backdoor Command Execution
Java RMI Server Insecure Default Configuration Java Code Execution
HP OpenView Network Node Manager Toolbar.exe CGI Buffer Overflow
HP OpenView Network Node Manager Toolbar.exe CGI Cookie Handling Buffer Overflow
Mozilla Firefox nsTreeRange Dangling Pointer Vulnerability
Black Ice Cover Page ActiveX Control Arbitrary File Download
Microsoft Office Visio VISIODWG.DLL DXF File Handling Vulnerability
MicroP (MPPL File) Stack Buffer Overflow
Lotus Notes 8.0.x – 8.5.2 FP2 – Autonomy Keyview
RealWin SCADA Server DATAC Login Buffer Overflow
Siemens FactoryLink vrn.exe Opcode 9 Buffer Overflow
Iconics GENESIS32 Integer overflow version
Siemens FactoryLink 8 CSService Logging Path Param Buffer Overflow
Sielco Sistemi Winlog Buffer Overflow
Blue Coat Authentication and Authorization Agent (BCAAA) 5 Buffer Overflow
HP OmniInet.exe Opcode 20 Buffer Overflow
HP OmniInet.exe Opcode 27 Buffer Overflow
Citrix Provisioning Services 5.6 streamprocess.exe Buffer Overflow
Lotus Notes 8.0.x – 8.5.2 FP2 – Autonomy Keyview

New Post-Exploitation Modules:

Winlogon Lockout Credential Keylogger
Windows Gather Microsoft Outlook Saved Password Extraction
Windows Gather Process Memory Grep
Windows Gather Trillian Password Extractor
Windows PCI Hardware Enumeration
Windows Gather FlashFXP Saved Password Extraction
Windows Gather Local and Domain Controller Account Password Hashes
Windows Gather Nimbuzz Instant Messenger Password Extractor
Windows Gather CoreFTP Saved Password Extraction
Internet Download Manager (IDM) Password Extractor
Windows Gather SmartFTP Saved Password Extraction
Windows Gather Bitcoin wallet.dat
Windows Gather Service Info Enumeration
Windows Gather IPSwitch iMail User Data Enumeration

New Auxiliary Modules:

John the Ripper Password Cracker Fast Mode
Microsoft Windows DNSAPI.dll LLMNR Buffer Underrun DoS
Kaillera 0.86 Server Denial of Service
2Wire Cross-Site Request Forgery Password Reset Vulnerability
SIPDroid Extension Grabber
MSSQL Password Hashdump

Notable Features & Closed Bugs:-

Feature #4982 – Support for custom executable with psexec
Feature #4856 – RegLoadKey and RegUnLoadKey functions for the Meterpreter stdapi
Feature #4578 – Update Nmap XML parsers to support Nokogiri parsing
Feature #4417 – Post exploitation module to harvest OpenSSH credentials
Feature #4015 – Increase test coverage for railgun
Bug #4963 – Rework db_* commands for consistency
Bug #4892 – non-windows meterpreters upload into the wrong filename
Bug #4296 – Meterpreter stdapi registry functions create key if one doesn’t exist
Bug #3565 – framework installer fails on RHEL (postgres taking too long to start)

Armitage integrates with Metasploit 4.0 to:-

Take advantage of the new Meterpreter payload stagers
Crack credentials with the click of a button
Run post modules against multiple hosts
Automatically log all post-exploitation activity
Revision Information:

Framework Revision 13462
Several import parsers were rewritten to use Nokogiri for much faster processing of large import files. Adding to Metasploit’s extensive payload support, Windows and Java Meterpreter now both support staging over HTTP and Windows can use HTTPS. In a similar vein, POSIX Meterpreter is seeing some new development again. It still isn’t perfect nor is it nearly as complete as the Windows version, but many features already work. Java applet signing is now done directly in Ruby, removing the need for a JDK for generating self-signed certificates. The Linux installers now ship with ruby headers, making it possible to install native gems in the Metasploit ruby environment.

Another flexibility improvement comes in the form of a consolidated pcap interface. The pcaprub extension ships with the Linux installers as of this release and support for Windows will come soon. Modules that used Racket for generating raw packets have been converted to Packetfu, which provides a smoother API for modules to capture and inject packets.

To download Metasploit Framework v4.0.0 Click Here
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