San Diego College of California is Offering Degree On Information Systems Security Emphasis

The world today is experiencing a growing reliance upon technology, which presents challenges such as the necessity of protecting vital information systems and the sensitive information they hold. The need for competent, qualified computer science professionals who have a strong foundation in programming and networking, but also bring expertise in the field of information systems security, is growing. In response to this rising need, California College San Diego now offers a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with Information Systems Security Emphasis.
The program includes courses such as networking concepts, networking communication, programming fundamentals, electronic communication management, and web design to develop students’ programming and networking skills. Students are also given instruction on the concepts of cryptography, computer law, computer forensics, ethical hacking, threats, defense mechanisms, and IT security management, so that they can learn how to identify threats that compromise IT systems and take preventive actions against said threats. Another facet of this degree is its emphasis on helping students succeed professionally in any industry—the curriculum also includes courses such as economics, interpersonal communication, U.S. history, entrepreneurship, motivation psychology, and professional development.
The duration of the degree is 36 months, but it can be completed in as few as 30 months on California College San Diego’s FastFlex schedule. Upon graduation, students should be qualified for employment in the entry-level to mid-level positions of project manager, network administrator, systems analyst, web developer, computer programmer, or software engineer. Graduates may also be eligible for posts within law enforcement, intelligence agencies, banks, software development companies, and more, as computer security specialists, information security systems analysts, malware and spyware programmers, and digital forensics experts. Admission criteria to the program include a high school diploma or an equivalent GED® credential.
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