HACKACTIVITY The Largest Hacker Conference on Central & Easter Europe

Another large Security conference and hackers meet is about to begin. The conferance named HACK-ACTIVITY which will be the largest Hacker Conference on Central & Easter Europe will took place on September 17 & 18th of 2011 in Millenairs /Hungary & Budapest. There will more than 50 speakers around the whole spectrum who will conduct the event, Hacktivity is also a part of Global Cyberlympics.

Brief About Hacktivity:- 

The story of Hacktivity started in 2003 when a group of security experts were looking for a forum to meet and exchange experience. Since then each year the number of participants has doubled at the oldest independent Hungarian event.

Since 2010 Hacktivity has been a fully international event with all programmes held bilingually. In 2010 1,000 participants including official and alternative information security experts,  students and teachers from universities and colleges offering IT degrees, professional organizations from the countries of three continents (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland,  Romania, Serbia,  France,  Germany, Portugal, Korea, USA, Hungary) attended the two-day event. The conference received never-before-seen media coverage with television crews ranging from the state television of the People’s Republic of China through French television channel AFP to Al-Jazeera and almost a dozen other channels shooting on the conference location.

At the 4,000 sqm conference venue live demo presentations are held in 2 sections along with workshops, book presentations and games (Capture the Flag, Hack the Vendor, Wargame) to make the programme diverse. The professional day is completely free of marketing content. Candidates must apply to be among the speakers selected by the programme committee on the basis of professionalism, experience and leading knowledge. Our sponsors (whose number is continually on the rise) are present at the event in a unique way through stands, games and special entertainment programmes.

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