#OpCensorThis By Anonymous With TeaMp0isoN

Famous hacker group Anonymous has started a new operation #OpCensorThis collaboration with TeaMp0isoN
According to the Official Press Release of Anon:- 

"We have entered into a brave new world. Activists have now turned
to the Internet and social media to spread their cause only to be
censored by the various social media outlets we use on a daily basis.
The powers that be are trembling because we are reaching thousands of
people without using the mainstream media.The mainstream media is
forced by corporate power abuse into censoring the truth, and in some
cases, are bought out by governmental entities in order that they
continue being financially supported by these corporate sponsors.

Instead of releasing coverage of the wrong doings in Palestine,
Somalia, Kashmir, and West Papua - or the countless acts of corruption
that happen everyday in the world around us - we are kept abreast to
the happenings exclusive to Jersey Shore.

Long have activists and revolutionaries turned to a song to get their
message out. Anonymous and TeaMp0isoN have collaborated together to
continue this tradition. We are going to take youtube and iTunes by storm
and flood the song into the world around us, with proceeds going to
charities that are actively striving to change it. Once this hits the
charts, radio stations will by law, have to play it. Will they thwart
the law to continue making sheep out of the people?

If they censor the song we will attack the music industry and censor
them instead.

Follow us on twitter for more information:

#OpCensorThis Coming to a screen near you.

We are the Voices of the Voiceless, Expect us ...."

Here is the Official Video Released by Anon about #OpCensorThis:-


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