Special Offer From Lulzsec: Catch Me If You Can

"Catch Me If You Can" yes you all are right the famous Hollywood  Movie of Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio on Social Engineering, one of the Un-patched vulnerability ever.  Now Lulzsec one  of the most wanted hacker group  over the whole spectrum is exactly saying or we can say repeating the same words Catch Me If You Can LulzSec‘s tracks are still under observation by US authorities to get over this catch-me-if-you-can hacking group. Traversing through the hackers, left marks in Scotland Yard, authorities have trapped total of four suspected targets.
The LulzSec is also thought to be behind the Federal LLC (a U.S.-based security company) attack. The operational hacking strategies, used in this attack, were given a pseudonym-“Kayla.”
According to the US law enforcement agencies, 2011 has been entitled the year of hackers and security violation. Series of prestigious security breaches, by Anonymous (The hacking group), included breaches of agricultural company Monsanto and NATO, U.S. military contractor, Booz Allen Hamilton. Whereas the LulzSec group was involved in setting targets to take down, especially U.S. Senate, PBS, the CIA, sites and many more.
Though, searches and efforts were being carried out by the authorities worldwide to fight against this blatant LulzSec group, but still it seems challenging to trace them out. During these searches, sixteen people were eventually arrested by US officials for their cyber attacks on PayPal.
The streak of security breaches continues regardless of whatever efforts are being put by the authorities, it looks like as the group tends to play hide and seek on long term basis. Later on, a law enforcement site belonging to Texas Police Chiefs Association got hit by unusual malicious acts of Anonymous group.
Unlike the better-known Anonymous hacking group, LulzSec cyber attacks are not launched on the basis of political motivation, but the hacking group has strong connections with “antiSec” movement and do consider political reasons as their foundation to hit the specified target. The malicious acts of LulzSec are definitely entertaining them at one side, but a big loss of sensitive information on other.


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