Countdown Begins, Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) Will be Available Within Few Hours

It has been six months in the making and has occupied the time of a cast of thousands, finally the Debian derived GNU/Linux distribution we have all been waiting for is here. Ubuntu 11.10 the Oneiric Ocelot is released on October 13th. Finally that day came. But we need to wait a little more to fell the 11.10 oneiric Ocelot. 
VOGH talked with Ubuntu  developer Team about this release and accroding to them:-
"Today we release Ubuntu 11.10: Oneiric Ocelot after a busy six months of work. Thank you to everyone who participated in this release and put their brick in the wall. We had many wonderful contributions from developers, testers, translators, authors, advocates, accessibility folks, marketeers, programmers, governors, and more. I am looking forward to seeing the release hit the tubes. :-)
This week I have been in London all week for the release week, and it has been a hectic, but useful week. I also used this week to take advantage of the timezone and hop on the phone with some community members on this side of the pond. Thanks to all those for the calls.
Speaking of this side of the pond, I am excited to be able to go to the London release party which takes place tonight on Thu 13th Oct 2011 from 6.30pm at The Cask Pub at 6 Charlwood Street, Pimlico, London, SW1V 6EE. Thanks to the Ubuntu UK team for putting together the party, and it looks like there will be a great crowd there."

All VOGH readers Please check out the event here and register if you plan on coming so the team has an idea of numbers.

Oneiric Release Schedule
  • June 2nd Alpha 1
  • June 30th Alpha 2
  • August 4th Alpha 3
  • September 1st Beta 1
  • September 22nd Beta 2
  • October 13th Ubuntu 11.10
Oneiric will be the second release of Ubuntu to be made available on the 13th, the last being Ubuntu 5.10 Breezy Badger way back in 2005.

Release Schedule of Ubuntu:-
  • Ubuntu 4.10 20th October
  • Ubuntu 5.10 13th October
  • Ubuntu 6.10 26th October
  • Ubuntu 7.10 18th October
  • Ubuntu 8.10 30th October
  • Ubuntu 9.10 29th October
  • Ubuntu 10.10 10th October

10 of the new features implemented in the Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot):-
1. Breathtaking login manager (a.k.a login screen or display manager)
2. Lots of Unity launcher, Unity Dash, and Unity panel improvements, including smart application finder when dragging different files, unread counters for Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird, Empathy and Pidgin, and smart search in Dash.
3. Awesome backup up tool, called Deja Dup, that will backup and restore all the files (yes, including the hidden ones) in your home folder.
4. Mozilla Thunderbird 7.0 as the default email client (replacing Evolution Mail and Calendar, which has been completely removed from the system).
5. Mozilla Firefox 7.0 as the default web browser!
6. Brand-new ALT+Tab functionality that will work across multiple desktops.
7. Improved office suite - LibreOffice 3.4
8. Easily access various settings straight from the Unity panel, to setup your monitor, bluetooth devices, startup applications, printers, USB devices, and system updates.
9. Simplified and good looking file manager - Nautilus 3
10. Breathtaking Ubuntu Software Center!

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