Fedora 16 (Verne) Beta is Now Available

The Fedora Project has made the first and only beta of Fedora 16 available for download. It should include all of the major changes for the new distribution, code-named "Verne". Over the next five weeks leading up to the final release, development will focus on fine tuning and bug fixes.
Major changes in Fedora 16 include the switch to Grub2, Xen Dom0 support and increased reliance on systemd. At the last minute the development team has also added Java 7, expected to be designated as a technical preview and not to operate as the standard runtime environment for Java software. The beta uses some unfinished software, including a pre-release of Linux 3.1, the final version of which is scheduled for release in around two weeks time. It also includes a pre-release of GNOME 3.2, the final version of which was released last week. This version is already being distributed to beta users via the update testing repository and, like the new Linux kernel, is expected to be included in the final version of Verne.
Like the alpha, the beta also hits the streets one week later than originally scheduled, as the development team was keen to fix a few problems. Delays like this are the rule, rather than the exception at Fedora. As a result, the release date for Fedora 16 has been set back by a second week. As long as the Fedora Project doesn't change the schedule again, there should be a release candidate (RC) of Fedora 16 in late October, though it will not be disseminated as widely as the alpha and beta versions. Verne is scheduled for release on Tuesday 8 November, three days before openSUSE 12.1, the first beta version of which is also available for testing.

To Download Fedora 16 (Verne) Click Here

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