#OpCartel Anonymous Takes on Mexican Drug Cartels

It seems that Anonymous supporter in Mexico was kidnapped by a Mexican drug cartel, and well, this isn’t sitting too well with the larger Anonymous group as a whole. Members of the hacktivist group Anonymous on Monday appeared to call off an attack, dubbed "OpCartel," aimed at taking down Mexican cartels.
"Anonymous cancels crackdown on Mexican drug cartel," tweeted Sm0k34n0n. "We cannot risk our partners."

But a Twitter post from LulzSec leader Sabu in direct reply to Sm0k34n0n appeared to dismiss the cancellation, or at least imply that there would be future anti-cartel efforts. "Thanks for pushing the op, but now that you've cleaned your hands of it--move on with your life," said Sabu. In another post, he said that "#OpCartel is very much alive and like I said to others in private our war is on corruption on both sides of the spectrum," referring to the war on drugs including both the Drug Enforcement Administration as well as the Mexican cartels.
In fact Anonymous has let it be known that if they Zetas Cartel doesn’t release their compatriot the hackavist group will start publishing the names, address, and other personal information of all the Zetas Cartel members as well as politicians, cops, and military members who are bought and paid for by the cartel.
They say everyone from taxi drivers to businesses that fronts for the cartel will be revealed on the web and as the spokesman for the group says in a recently posted Spanish speaking video – it won’t be hard as we already know who they are and where they are located. As Mike Vigil, a retired head of international operations for the DEA said following this announcement – the Zetas Cartel needs to take Anonymous seriously because by publishing the names they identify the Zetas Cartel members to rivals and they will go after them. It’ll be interesting to see if anything really will come of this as one group with no guns but the power of the web takes on some of the nastiest people on the planet to carry a gun, or three.

Spanish Video Presentation By Anon:-


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