Sabayon Linux 7 Released

Sabayon Linux 7 arrives with experimental Fusion kernel. In Sabayon 7 you will have shining at full bright, for your home computer, your laptop and your home servers.
Linux 3.0, GNOME 3.2, KDE 4.7, Xfce 4.8, LibreOffice 3.4 are just some of the things you will find inside the box. During this cycle, the development team spent a lot of time on integrating GNOME 3.2 the way users might actually start to love it. At the same time, Sabayon Xfce has been promoted to non-experimental release, for those missing GNOME2.
  • Ultra-optimized Linux Kernel 3.0 (Experimental Fusion Kernel available after install)
  • Providing extra Server-optimized, OpenVZ-enabled, Vserver-enabled kernels in repositories
  • Natively supporting the btrfs filesystem (besides ext4, aufs, and others)
  • Transform Sabayon into an full-featured HTPC Operating System (Media Center) using XBMC 10.0
  • GNOME 3.2.0 Visual Environment
  • KDE 4.7 Desktop Environment
  • Improved Xfce 4.8 out-of-the-box experience (for those missing GNOME2)
  • Improved LibreOffice integration, updated to
  • Entropy Framework (Package Manager, Web Services) updated to 1.0_rc59, containing tons of improvements
  • Improved support for IME and non-roman fonts
  • Improved support for non-latin languages
  • Semi-automated package updates, for more extreme rolling
  • 4000 application updates since Sabayon 6 (yay for rolling release model)

Important Fixes:-
  • Make possible to boot Sabayon off USB via dd (bug 2685)
  • Disable GNOME Shell when fglrx is in use due to broken drivers (patch)
  • Clickpad Touchpad fixes (bug 2517)
  • Failsafe mode not showing login prompt (bug 2539)
  • Fbsplash framebuffer 1280x800 size fixes (bug 2542)
  • Properly set CONSOLEFONT variable (bug 2582)
  • Switch to man-db (bug 2583)
  • KDE: replace Clementine with Amarok (bug 2662)
  • KDE: Improve/fix file associations (bug 2464)
  • KDE: provide proxy settings menu (bug 2538)
  • Installer: make possible to enable/disable firewall
  • Installer: write proper keyboard layout for Russian (bug 2580)
  • Installer: set proper console font for Russian (bug 2582)
  • Installer: move language packs options to Language wizard page (bug 2518)

To download Sabayon Linux 7 Click Here

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