Pinguy OS 11.10

Pinguy OS 11.10 has been released today and comes with GNOME Shell (on top of GNOME 3.2.1) as default. Even though this is most probably the final version, it's called "beta". The developers said that Pinguy OS 11.10 Beta could have been a final version if not for some problems with apps that are still in the Alpha / Beta stage and there are a few quirks like the property drivers messing up text and flash in Shell.

Pinguy OS 11.10 Overview:-
  • System Monitor
  • User Themes (to easily switch between GNOME Shell extensions)
  • Media Player (media player controls on the top bar)
  • There is better HD video decoding by using libcrystalhd3
  • All the GNOME packages are running on 3.2.1
  • Window Navigator (keyboard selection of windows and workspaces in overlay mode)
  • Auto Move Windows (get some applications to always start on a specific workspace - see how to use it here)
  • Shutdown menu (adds "Shutdown" entry to the user menu)
  • Workspace Indicator (displays current workspace and lets you switch between workspaces)
  • GPaste (clipboard manager)
  • Cardapio (menu)
  • Removable Drives (display removable drives on the top panel)
  • Global Menu
  • Native Window Placement (uses a 'natural' algorithm for displaying the thumbnails in the activities overview)
  • Notifications (moves icons from the shell tray to the top)
  • Weather
  • noa11y (removes the accessibility icon)
  • Window List (display a window list on the panel)
  • XBMC-PVR is installed so you can use your PC as a DVR
  • Firefox 8 is included with all the needed plugins for content on the web including Moonlight for Silverlight content.
To download  Pinguy OS 11.10 Click Here


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