Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) Officers Personal Info Leaked By CabinCr3w & Anonymous

A hacker group named CabinCr3w with Anonymous took responsibility of leaking the Personal information of more than 40 officers of Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD). According to CabinCr3w "For the irresponsible posting of a crime scene photo, laughing at protesters while they were being arrested at #OccupyLA Raid, and being part of the LAPD/FBI. While you can operate in “grey” areas, so can we. Enjoy"

In a tweet CabinCr3w said:- 
"LAPD Command Staff d0x: 

Later the link was removed for violenceThe information on the LAPD brass was put on the site "Sticky Paste," a copy and paste sharing site anyone can post onto without an account. The site owner, Eric, who declined to give his full name, created the site less than a year ago and said he did not know anything about CabinCr3w.

The group said their actions were a response to the LAPD raid on the Occupy LA encampment and their treatment of protesters. "It all comes from those [LAPD] actions, and how the protesters are now being treated like criminals for practicing a fundamental right," a member of CabinCr3w wrote to KPCC in an online chatroom. Smith said the majority of those listed on site were not involved in clearing the Occupy LA encampment and a few have been retired.
"They're private citizens trying to live their lives in peace after serving 30 years," Smith said. "Now somebody throws all their personal information into the public forum. Most of those people were not involved in the Occupy LA clearing...They just got ahold of random police officers, and some random civilians who had nothing to do with that." 
At 8 a.m. Thursday the group sent out a tweet saying: "Now that we have the attention of the #LAPD maybe u should look into ways to treat protesters better, WE are humans not garbage."
Smith said the department had worked hard to give protesters ample notice and avoid arresting people. "There's always going to be one or two people who are upset about something," Smith said. "But gosh, we gave everybody a chance to disperse. We begged people to clear the Occupy area so we didn't have to arrest anybody."

To see the leaked information by CabinCr3w Click Here 


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