Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard Introduced More Comfort & Portability

Microsoft introduced new Bluetooth mobile keyboard which can give more functionality, comfort, portability. The Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 5000 works with any Bluetooth-equipped laptop, but it really shines when used with an iPad, iPhone, iPod touch or Android tablet or smartphone, giving you a comfortable keyboard that’s truly portable.
The best part of the Mobile Keyboard 5000 and its 6000 brother is the fact that the keys are full-sized, and they press down even farther than most laptop keys. While testing, it paired up easily and instantly with iPad 2, and gave typing comfort that far surpassed that of typing on a glass screen.
A downside to using this keyboard with an iOS device is the weird way its “Delete” key works, holding onto the Apple convention — you’ll need to use the “Backspace” key if you want to get rid of any text. And, to skip around between words, your PC keyboard shortcuts won’t work either — you’ll need to hold the “Alt” key as you move around between words instead of the Control-D you might be accustomed to with PCs. This won’t matter much to Mac users, but PC users might need to take a little time to get used to it.
Another downside to using this keyboard is the bane of all Bluetooth devices — they tend to drain the batteries of laptops, tablets and smartphones, which might be a consideration if you work long hours and want to type long missives on your portable gadgets.
Summing up, if you’re one who likes to place a keyboard in your lap, but don’t want the heat and weight of a laptop sitting on you all day long, this keyboard will be ideal. Beyond that, if you like Microsoft’s “comfort curve” design often find yourself needing to type on an iOS or Android device, this well-designed keyboard is worthy of your $49.95.


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