Anonymous Vows To Shutdown (#OpDebateBlackout)

Anonymous Vows To Shutdown (#OpDebateBlackout)
The protest against Internet censorship by Anonymous continues. Now they have called another operation named #OpDebateBlackout. According to a YouTube video Anon vows to shutdown famous media CNN during yesterday night debate. Anon said:- "Shut down during the Florida debate. In response to the establishment media blackout of Ron Paul, and specifically to the lack of equal time given to him in the debates, we the people will be blacking out the responses of all candidates except Ron Paul in the upcoming CNN debate in Jacksonville Florida on Thursday, January 26 at 8PM eastern standard time. This is a call to all who are willing and able to join this effort to show the establishment media that we will not tolerate the continued media blackout of Ron Paul, and that we will, in return, shut down the cnn website and their live stream of the debate."

Video Release:- 

Earlier for #SOPAblackout issue anon has performed massive cyber attack. And also for #OpMegaupload they have bring down Federal Authorities, US Govt, Brazil Govt, Ireland's Dept of Finance & Justice, CBS TV Network, and many more. We would also like to give you reminder that this is not the first time earlier Anon also threatened another media (FOX News) in the #OpFoxHunt.


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