Linux 3.2 kernel Arrived With Lots Of Prominent Features

Finally Linux 3.2 kernel has been released. The whole process get delayed because Linux Repository was breached on August 2011 and later it was kept for maintenance for a long day. After certain time came live with with Linux kernel 3.0.4. And now we have the latest one 3.2 kernel though the last stable version is 3.1.7. 
Summary:-  This release includes support for Ext4 block sizes bigger than 4KB and up to 1MB, which improve performance with big files; btrfs has been updated with faster scrubbing, automatic backup of critical filesystem metadata and tools for manual inspection of the filesystems; the process scheduler has added support to set upper limits of CPU time; the desktop reponsiveness in presence of heavy writes has been improved, TCP has been updated to include an algorithm which speeds up the recovery of the connection after lost packets; the profiling tool "perf top" has added support for live inspection of tasks and libraries and see the annotated assembly code; the Device Mapper has added support for 'thin provisioning' of storage, and a new architeture has been added: the Hexagon DSP processor from Qualcomm. Other drivers and small improvements and fixes are also available in this release. 

Prominent Features:-
  • Ext4: Support for bigger block sizes
  • Btrfs: Faster scrubbing, automatic backup of tree roots, detailed corruption messages, manual inspection of metadata
  • Process bandwith controller
  • New architecture: Hexagon
  • Thin provisioning and recursive snapshots in the Device Mapper
  • I/O-less dirty throttling, reduce filesystem writeback from page reclaim
  • TCP Proportional Rate Reduction
  • Improved live profiling tool "perf top"
  • Cross memory attach
  • Driver and architecture-specific changes
  • File systems :- [Ext4, Ext3, CIFS, Btrfs, JFFS2, EXOFS, NFS, GFS2, SQUASHFS]
  • Memory management
  • Networking
  • Device Mapper
  • Power management
  • Virtualization
  • Crypto
  • Security
  • Tracing/profiling

To Download The Full Source Click Here


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