SSLSmart- Ruby Based SSL Cipher Enumeration Tool

SSLSmart is a highly flexible and interactive tool aimed at improving efficiency and reducing the false positives during SSL testing. Among other things, SSLSmart simply an advanced and highly flexible Ruby based smart SSL cipher enumeration tool. It is an open source, cross platform, free tool. It was programmed because a number of tools on the Windows platform allow users to test for supported SSL ciphers suites, but most only provide testers with a fixed set of cipher suites. Further testing is performed by initiating an SSL socket connection with one cipher suite at a time, an inefficient approach that leads to false positives and often does not provide a clear picture of the true vulnerability of the server. SSLSmart is designed to combat these shortcomings.

  • Content Scan (default): Exact server response can be seen in HTML and Text forms for each cipher suite selected for the test URL. Basically, it shows various server error messages received for weak cipher suites from live systems.
  • CONNECT Scan: Focuses only on success or failure of SSL socket connection with various cipher suites. This behavior does not offer any advantage over existing SSL testing tools and is thus likely to have similar issues with false positives. However, this scan is faster and consumes fewer network and CPU resources.
  • Dynamic Cipher Suite Support: Most SSL testing tools provide a fixed set of cipher suites. SSLSmart hooks into Ruby OpenSSL bindings and offers dynamic “on the fly” cipher suite generation capabilities.
  • Certificate Verification: SSLSmart performs server certificate verification. It uses the Firefox Root CA Certificate4 repository to perform Root CA verification. Additional Root CA Certificates can be added to the rootcerts.pem file or a custom .pem file can be supplied for Root CA Certificate verification.
  • Proxy Support: SSLSmart provides web proxy support. For results to be accurate, it is important to use a transparent proxy5.
  • Reporting: Reports can be generated in XML, HTML and Text formats along with their verbose versions. Verbose report versions include complete application response for each cipher suite and full details of the server certificate.
  • API’s: Monkey patched Ruby API’s that form the backbone of SSLSmart can be consumed to write custom Ruby scripts for quick tests. These API’s can be consumed by users who work with the SSLSmart gem.

Supported Platforms:-
SSLSmart has been tested to work on the following platforms and versions of Ruby:
Windows: Ruby 1.8.6 with wxruby6 (2.0.0) and builder7 (2.1.2).
Linux: Ruby 1.8.7/1.9.1 with wxruby (2.0.0) and builder (2.1.2).

To Download SSLSmart Click Here


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