American Nazi Hacked By Anonymous (#OpBlitzkrieg)

American Nazi Hacked By SolSec With Anonymous (#OpBlitzkrieg)
A hacktivist group named "SolSec" in association with Anonymous took down in January 28 and continued attacks through the weekend. This attack is the part of ongoing operation #OpBlitzkrieg by Anonymous. The first tweet came from Anonymous Center and their they claimed the responsibility of the attack.
The above screen shot was taken from the American Nazi official site when it was defaced by Anonymous hackers. Not only American Nazi but also Anonymous took down the white supremacist site on Jan. 30. The incidents come on the heels of Anonymous' early January #OpBlitzkrieg attacks on several German neo-Nazi and extremist groups, including Germany's far-right National Democratic Party. On a site called Nazi-Leaks, Anonymous posted the names and addresses of NPD donors as well as email addresses, email messages and names taken from several American white-supremacist online groups, one of which was the American Nazi Party. The details information can be found a site called

Press Release Of Anonymous:- 
Your incomprehensible actions, and your reluctance to accept the Freedom and Equality that every single human being possesses by right from birth, causes the birth to hatred and worldwide Racism.
After the first World War, your ideology plunged the world into chaos. You took over a plague, known as anti-Semitism, and made sure that racism was drilled into our collective consciousness…
Your misdirected politics and your hate filled crusade against humanity have not only blurred your perception, but also affected countries worldwide… You have combined the ideals of industrialization with the abomination of mass murder, a circumstance that led to destruction of human life, in a scale never seen before.
You are still causing injuries and killing people…
You intimidate people that go on the streets protest for their ideals, and attack your political opponents….
This behaviour can no longer be tolerated…

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not Forgive.
We do not Forget.
Expect Us."


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