Uganda Under Cyber Attack, 5 Govt. Site Hacked By Rwandan Hackers

Uganda Under Cyber Attack, 5 Govt. Site Hacked By Rwandan Hackers
Uganda under massive cyber attack. A hacker group named Rwandan Hackers took responsibility of this attack. Hackers targeted the official website of Ministry of Internal Affairs, Justice Law and Order Sector, Office of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Uganda, The Petroleum Exploration and Production Department of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development & National Medical Stores - Uganda. 
In this attack the hacker has hacked the database of all those sites and in a pastebin release he has posted all the credentials including server details, tables, user credentials, admin password hash and so on. According to the hacker the main aim of this cyber attack is "Freedom of the Press in Uganda"

Message Of the Hackers:-
"A new bill tabled before parliament threatens the freedom of the press in Uganda. The country's journalists need the world to speak out against it
that's why we hack uganda gov website.
One of the reasons why Museveni was originally labelled one of a new breed of African leaders was because of media freedoms. Magazines and newspapers thrived under the new "visionary" leader and broadcast media were liberalised, leading to the creation, over the years, of more than 150 private radio and television stations.
There have always been cracks in this relationship between state and the fourth estate, but they have become ever more glaring over the last 10 years, characterised by harassment of journalists critical of the government and the closure of media houses. In Uganda today, radio stations, especially those upcountry, in more rural areas where most Ugandans live, are considered very brave to host senior opposition figures, like Kizza Besigye of the Forum for Democratic Change. Some stations have denied him paid-for airtime, citing "orders from above" or for fear of being blacklisted by the Intelligence and the Broadcasting Council.
But the latest assault on the media, which has sent chills down the spines of independent newspaper editors, is the press and journalists (amendment) bill 2010. Reports indicate it has been tabled in Cabinet, although a minister recently said it is yet to be discussed...."


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