AnonOps- Anonymous-OS Is Fake & Wrapped In Trojans (Anonymous Vs. Anonymous)

AnonOps- Anonymous-OS Is Fake & Wrapped In Trojans (Anonymous Vs. Anonymous)
Yesterday we cover the release of Anonymous-OS, which was claimed to be the first Operating System made by hacker collective Anonymous. But now we are facing a complete different scenario. After the release of the OS one of the so called official twitter account of Anon tweeted about the OS "The Anon OS is fake it is wrapped in trojans". From this tweet the controversy begins which takes two direction, one saying Anonymous did not release their own operating system and other saying the OS have certain backdoors, malware & trojan installed. In a SourceForge project page this Anonymous-OS was first made available but later the SourceForge Authority said that they have removed the page and also the distribution from their server as significant concerns were raised concerning the software bundle's authenticity and possible maliciousness. According to their official blog post :- 
Yesterday we starting hearing some buzz about a new project called “Anonymous-OS” - people claiming that it was not affiliated in any way with the group referring to itself as “Anonymous". We looked at the project, and decided that although the name of the project was misleading (we see no evidence that it is connected with Anonymous) it appeared, on initial glance, to be a security-related operating system, with, perhaps, an attack-oriented emphasis. We have, in the past, taken a consistent stance on “controversial” projects - that is, we don’t pass judgement based on what’s possible with a product, but rather consider it to be amoral - neither good nor bad - until someone chooses to take action with it.
VOGH Review:-
Anonymous-OS was based on Ubuntu 11.10 with number of hacking tools like HOIC, Sqlmap, Havij, Zenmap & so on. Basically the OS was represented to be a pentest distro. But just after the time of release a controversy came while saying - is the OS safe? In this issue the previous track record of Anonymous was not good. Remember few days ago in a report Symantec have discovered that a piece of Anonymous-recommended DDoS software called Slowloris contained an insidious Trojan that was stealing financial info from people using it. In #OpMegaupload, the largest attack ever where 5,635 Anon people bring down the websites of Universal Music, the U.S. Department of Justice and the Recording Industry Association of America while using one of the world's most popular and vastly used DDoSer LOIC. But in reality thousands of people has been tricked by Anon in the named of cause and justice. Here again the history repeated. In the so it's Anon Vs. Anon.


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