Anonymous Tricked Their Supporter Into Installing Zeus Trojan - Said Symantec

Anonymous Tricked Their Supporter Into Installing Zeus Trojan - Said Symantec

Remember the Operation Megaupload (#OpMegaupload) the largest attack ever where 5,635 Anon people bring down the websites of Universal Music, the U.S. Department of Justice and the Recording Industry Association of America while using one of the world's most popular and vastly used DDoSer LOIC.
Now Security software company Symantec have discovered that a piece of Anonymous-recommended DDoS software called Slowloris contained an insidious Trojan that was stealing financial info from people using it. According to the official blog post of Symantec on the 20th day of January after Kim Dotcom was arrested, Anonymous was frequently shearing few pastebin links which was containing the download link of Slowloris which led to a trojanized copy that installed the Zeus trojan on users' systems. The compromised download then replaced itself with a clean version of the tool to avoid detection. 

"It is worth highlighting how Anonymous supporters have been deceived into installing Zeus botnet clients purportedly for the purpose of DoS attacks. The Zeus client does perform DoS attacks, but it doesn’t stop there. It also steals the users' online banking credentials, webmail credentials, and cookies."
"When the Trojanized Slowloris tool is downloaded and executed by an Anonymous supporter, a Zeus (also known as Zbot) botnet client is installed. After installation of the Zeus botnet client, the malware dropper attempts to conceal the infection by replacing itself with the real Slowloris DoS tool. Zeus is an advanced malware program that cannot be easily removed. The Zeus client is being actively used to record and send financial banking credentials and webmail credentials to the botnet operator. Additionally, the botnet is being used to force participation in DoS attacks against Web pages known to be targets of Anonymous hacktivism campaigns."

Full information can be found Here


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